Zomato Refund Trick 2019

zomato refundHowdy Foodies!

We’re here with another article related to online food ordering apps. Yes! after helping out so many people get the refund from Swiggy.

In this article, we will explain you about how to get the refund from Zomato.

I’ve seen people searching with different search terms like Zomato refund trick, Zomato hack etc., Honestly, we’re not providing any hacks here.

If your reason asking for a refund from Zomato is genuine then this article is for you.

Use the Zomato refund option responsibly and enjoy your food.

Steps to get a Refund from Zomato

  • Click on the order you’ve made
  • Goto support which is located on the top-right corner of your app
  • Zomato Chat Support will appear
  • Inform them of your issue with the food and if they ask for the picture, take a snap and send it.
  • Zomato’s friendly support team will ask you to stay connected, It might take 10 minutes.
  • Zomato will credit your money into your Zomato wallet in the form of Zomato Credits.
  • Sometimes Zomato will add extra money to your wallet along with an actual refund i.e. 75 to 100 rupees, which is really a nice gesture from their side.

Online Food ordering services are very strict when it comes to food quality and they’re trying their best to provide better service to their customers.

It’s really impossible to track down the quality of every item ordered using their app and by providing the refund Zomato is proving their loyalty towards customers.

This option has been provided by Zomato to make sure that the customer never gets bad quality food and restaurants keep their standards top-notch.

Don’t misuse this option as Zomato’s purpose is to serve the customer better. Only use it when you feel that the food doesn’t worth your money. Zomato knows your order history and refunds you’ve done in the past, so use it responsibly.

4 thoughts on “Zomato Refund Trick 2019”

  1. I was paid amount RS. 181/- after ordering vide order vide No. 1511304723 dated 07/06/2019 at 1852 hrs. But it’s was not delivered. HENCE, it is requested that the amount may please be refunded to thr my account at the earliest.

  2. I was paid amount RS. 467/- after ordering vide order vide No. 2130722113 dated 02/08/2019 .But it’s was not delivered. HENCE, it is requested that the amount may please be refunded to thr my account at the earliest.

  3. This is pathetic app. I will never suggest anyone to use this app. Support team is pathetic and irresponsible for customers. I have ordered the food on 09/09/2019 and same day they cancelled my order. Today is 29/09/2019 and I have not received my refund. I followed up but the team is not responding. Pathetic app and service.

  4. I ordered food from zomato . I already paid money from google pay in zomato and again zomato delivery executive charged money for that order.this is my order I’d 1462324237. So plz resolve my problem and plz take care for that.

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