The Panel Station Review – Do They Pay or It’s A Scam

the panel stationBefore going through The Panel Station Review, tell me who doesn’t want to Make money online?

Making money online is the fad these days. The Internet is filled with numerous websites and apps to make money online. But, the real question remains the same – how many of these are legitimate? And, if these are legitimate, are they worth joining?

Today, we are going to review one such website called The Panel Station. You might have as well heard about it, and if you haven’t… then, this article is going to answer all your queries about The Panel Station. So, let’s start with getting to know about it.

What is The Panel Station?

It is an online community of consumers who regularly share their views and opinions on a variety of issues by participating in market research surveys. These surveys influence decision making in organizations worldwide aimed to help in the creation of improved services and products.

The Panel Station Homepage

The Panel Station is a diverse community of over 3 million consumers from today’s fastest growing economies worldwide. As a member of TSP, your opinions on products and services of industries like consumer goods, travel, healthcare, technology etc. help create better user experiences. After signing up with The Panel Station, you are eligible to share your opinions and thoughts with the world’s most prominent brands and get rewarded in the process.

The Panel Station is part of Borderless Access Pvt. Ltd. – an online market research and panel company. Registering on this website is open to residents of most of the Asia-Pacific countries, Middle East, UK, USA, a few selected African, South American, and European nations. The minimum age requirement to be a part of it is 16 years.

Registering with Panel Station

I have been a registered member of The Panel Station for quite some now. To be honest, I found the registration process a bit different than that of other panels like Swagbucks, YouGov etc.

You can either register with your Google account, or Facebook, or using your phone number, followed by answering three questions ( the last question seriously seems odd to me).

the panel station login

The reason I found the login process tricky is that it doesn’t ask me to set a password. Another thing is that, unlike most survey sites, you don’t get any sign-up bonus. However, you can earn 300 points by answering a short profiler survey.

Earning Potential from The Panel Station

You might be interested to know about the earning potential for its members. Being a panelist, I would like to tell you that accumulating points is a tough task. The surveys are point based and you have to accumulate 3000 points to be eligible to redeem your rewards.

Most surveys are 12-15 minutes long and are pretty much straightforward to answer. Surveys that The Panel Station indicates as lengthy or complicated offer more points. You will receive 2 surveys at least per week depending on your profile. But, here’s the catch – the points that you accumulate can only be redeemed as vouchers or gift cards varying on retailers by region. Some of the well-known retailers are PayPal, Amazon, Rakuten, PayTM, Flipkart, Lazada etc.

Another thing is that you have to answer pre-qualifying questions. That means the chances of getting timed out and stuff is higher. But, Panel Station gives you 20 points even if you don’t qualify. Anyway, let’s talk about the value of these ‘points’.

So, for each survey you participate, you can make from 500-5000 points which is equivalent to approximately INR 50-500, which is quite meager. When you have successfully completed a survey, the reward is held in pending status until the entire study has drawn to a close and the data has been processed. Please keep in mind that studies can take up to a month to finish, depending on the size and complexity of the study. Your account will generally be credited within 6-8 weeks of successfully completing a survey. So, you got to be way too patient.

Bottom line is that the process of redeeming your rewards is painfully slow. And, to add to it, is the haphazard customer service team. But, another thing to note is that if you have cleared the requirements, you will definitely receive the points.

Pros & Cons of The Panel Station

Before I talk about the pros & cons of The Panel Station, I would like to clarify that these are based out of my personal experience on using the website and the app. I am in no way trying to tarnish the reputation of The Panel Station or influencing you to not try it for yourself.

That being said, let me quickly list the things I liked in The Panel Station.

  1. 16+ age limit
  2. It has a mobile app, so I can fill surveys without having to open my laptop every time.
  3. Quite a few payment options/vouchers
  4. Sweepstakes and additional ways to accumulate extra points
  5. Even if you’re not eligible for a survey, you get 20 points for trying.

Now, let’s talk about the cons of The Panel Station.

  1. To redeem the points, you have to wait for 6-8 weeks.
  2. You are not qualified for every survey.
  3. The invites are too less.
  4. You don’t get any reward for referrals.
  5. The accumulated points expire with time (it was a shocker for me)
  6. Most of the surveys pre-questions that you will fill come up saying “Better Luck Next Time” as you somehow don’t meet some specific criteria (ex-city, income, age, gender etc.)
  7. There is not much clarity with the points and their conversion
  8. The number of invites for surveys is way too low (and you don’t even qualify for most).
  9. The daily polls are unpaid
  10. Too many emails cram your inbox (no, seriously! Sometimes it feels like SPAM).

Very recently, The Panel Station launched their app too. And, it is one of the slowest apps I’ve ever used. The UI is not user-friendly and it lags a lot. Frequent time-outs and crashes loom the app. Funny part – the captcha verification crashes and if you’re lucky enough to get past it, 90% of the times, it is in unresponsive mode. Kudos to the developers for a job well done!

The Panel Station Mobile App

And, to add to all the troubles and pain, is their class-apart customer service. One of the worst customer support teams, non-responsive as the app!

Overall, the concept is good but the execution is really bad. Personally, I would rate The Panel Station a 2 out of 5. I wouldn’t use this platform anymore as I feel the payout is less and the wait time to redeem the points is too high.

However, the final decision is yours to take. Register, download the app, check it out and let me know your opinions on the same.

Before we wrap up this article, here are some reviews from users that you might want to check out too.

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As you can see, there are mixed reviews about this app. So, rather than leaning on my personal opinion or other’s, it is best that you give it a try if you wish to and let us know. Your contribution will help educate people and pave paths for apps/websites that are really helpful when it comes to making some extra money online.

Above all, we just wish that you use your time wisely.

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