Swiggy Refund Trick 2019

swiggy refund trickWho wants to eat tasteless food? If you’re in a restaurant it’s pretty easy to ask the management to either change the dish or to cancel that particular item immediately. But, when it comes to online food orders who’ll give us an immediate response?

If you’re a Swiggy Fan, Thank them for giving you this option. Here’s a working Swiggy refund trick from which you’ll get an immediate response and refund. I’ll explain to you how to get the refund from Swiggy almost instantly. Follow the steps provided below and get your money back for the tasteless food.

Swiggy Refund Trick 2018 – Step by Step

  • Click on Help, You’ll see a page with Help & Support
  • You can see your latest order, Click on it
  • Now, select from the questionnaire “I have received bad quality food”
  • You’ll see two options here Call & Chat. Select the option “Chat”
  •  Swiggy’s automatic chat support window opens where it asks you to SELECT ITEMS
  • Go ahead and select the items which you feel aren’t worth paying money & Click on Submit button
  • Now, you’ll get an automated message Thanking you for the details you’ve provided and apologize for the experience you had to go through.
  • Just below that, You’ll see an option to take a refund of your current order.
  • Click on refund and Swiggy will refund you the money within 2-5 days. Usually, with wallet payments like paytm & amazon pay, it takes an hour to get the money back.

This option has been provided by Swiggy to make sure that the customer never gets bad quality food and restaurants keep their standards top-notch.

Don’t misuse this option as Swiggy’s purpose is to serve the customer better. Only use it when you feel that the food doesn’t worth your money. Swiggy knows your order history and refunds you’ve done in the past, so use it responsibly.

Note: This doesn’t work on newly created accounts.

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    • My order cancelled on 23 march by your delivery person because delivery location problems but my money not refund til

  1. Payment Alert : Your payment for order #35280959240 was not completed. Any amount if debited from your bank/card account will be refunded in 2-4 days.
    Order date 10/03/2019. Time 1:46 reply money refund customers number ledu

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