Swiggy Amazon Pay Offer – Guide To Get Discount

swiggy amazon pay offerIs it a holiday or a Weekend? Forget it. I am hungry. Are you?? Then let us order food Online. But wait, isn’t it good to check some offers before we order. Let us explore Swiggy Amazon Pay offer. Swiggy has already dominated the online food delivery place and making us crave for its exciting offers along with its delicious food. With its on-time delivery service, one can rely on Swiggy orders anytime and satisfy their appetite whether its day or night.

Swiggy Amazon Pay 40 cashback offer:

In association with Amazon pay, Swiggy is offering 40% cash back up to Rs 125/-. This offer is valid until October 31st. This offer is available for all the new and existing customers and is applicable only on online orders.

Steps to avail Amazon Pay 40 % Cash Back Offer:

  1. Login into Swiggy app from your phone or website www.swiggy.com.
  2. Search for your favourite food from a wide range of Restaurants.
  3. Add the items and move on to cart.
  4. Check your items in the cart and proceed with MAKE PAYMENT option.
  5. The page will redirect to Payment Page
  6. Choose Amazon Pay as your payment method in wallets.
  7. Complete the payment using your Amazon Pay credentials. (You should have an Amazon Pay Account to use this option or else you can create one.)


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The cash back will be credited to your Amazon Pay account within 3 days of the transaction. This is valid only from October 1st to October 31st, 2018. The maximum amount that we get back from this offer is Rs 125/- or up to 40% of your payment amount.

Swiggy Amazon Pay New Users Offer:

New to Swiggy, here you have an advantage. Using Amazon Pay you can receive an additional 20% offer along with Amazon pay 40 % cash back. Existing users are not eligible for this offer.

Steps to avail Amazon Pay New Users Offer:

  1. Log in to Swiggy app or website. If you do not have an account, create one with your Mobile Number or Gmail Id.
  2. Browse the items you want to order and add them to cart
  3. Now move on to cart and view your complete order
  4. Click on APPLY COUPON option and enter coupon code “AMAZONPNEW
  5. Once the coupon is applied. Click on MAKE PAYMENT
  6. Select Amazon Pay in wallets to make the payment.
  7. Voila… Your food is ordered now along with exclusive benefits.

This offer can be used only one time per user. The maximum cashback that can be availed is Rs125/-. The cashback will be credited to your Amazon pay within 3 days of your transaction. The extra 20% discount is given at the time of purchase and no cashback is credited for this. The discount applicable is up to Rs 50/-

Few things to keep in mind:

The above offers are valid only one time per user. If anytime you cancel or withdraw your order then this cashback offer turns invalid. But in your subsequent transactions, this offer can be availed provided you use it only one time per user. No coupon code is required to avail 40% Amazon cash back and the amount will be credited to only your Amazon Pay wallet. New users can avail extra 20% discount by using coupon code but they have to use Amazon Pay as there payment option. This offer is not applicable on Domino’s outlets.

So what are you waiting for? grab your phones now and order food and avail this awesome and pamper yourself with this mouthwatering offers.

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