Pubg Zombie Mode Review

Pubg Zombie Mode Review

Here is how PUBG Mobile ‘Survive Till Down’ mode is one of the best features to come to PUBG Mobile since Sanhok. Tencent Games has released the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile 0.11.0 update for both IOS and Android.

The update has bought a lot of new features that include the most awaited zombie survival mode. This is in partnership with Resident Evil 2. With the introduction of this, ‘Survive Till Dawn’ mode players will be able to shoot zombies while taking care of the enemies lurking in the shadows.

PUBG Zombie Mode Update Review

The first time you will start a game in the Survive Till Dawn mode. Here one is almost immediately greeted by a few low-level zombies. These can easily be killed with a few bullets. But the moment you land on the ground, it is recommended to start looking for guns and supplies. If you don’t do so, you will have to take on the zombies with your bare hands and this can be overwhelming.

Killing zombies might seem like a piece of cake in the beginning. The zombie waves get stronger as the game progresses. So it is good to try getting the best guns first at the start of the game itself.

The zombie boss attack area is quite similar to the Red Zone of the classic matches. Here a horde of zombies will spawn along with at least one Resident Evil 2 boss. To know when the next wave of the zombies would appear, you can see the zombie timer located under the map. Now don’t think that killing these zombies is an easy task. These zombies run very fast and can dish out heavy damage with green sludge-like material they attack with.

The Zombie mode is a time-limited event and this won’t stay forever in this game. Players will get to see lots of Resident Evil 2 content in the zombie mode. The PUBG Zombie mode update is rolling out to PUBG Mobile from February 19.

PUBG Zombie Mode Android

Here is what you need to know about PUBG Zombie Mode Android. The PUBG Mobile update 0.11.0 download size is 436MB. This is on Android via Google Play. This isn’t too big when compared to the past PUBG Mobile update download sizes.

According to the official PUBG Mobile Discord, the update is rolling out across the regions gradually. So if you do not see it right now, it will probably be available for you during the day later.

PUBG Zombie Mode IOS

The new update is rolling out in IOS device too! Follow the below guide to know about PUBG Zombie Mode IOS. To get the latest update, here is a quick guide.

  • Head over to the App Store
  • Search for PUBG mobile and here you should get the option of updating the game
  • A Wi-Fi connection is preferred to download this since the PUBG Zombie mode update size is about 493 MB
  • Run the game once you have downloaded the PUBG Zombie mode update
  • Now you will be asked for another quick update of about 12MB
  • After the second update the game should shut down and you need to open it again
  • Now enjoy the all-new update and ensure to try out the service till Dawn mode as this will be available for limited time only

The update brings the much-anticipated zombie survival mode along with some new features. This update will change the name of the zombie survival mode from ‘Sunset’ to ‘Survive Till Dawn’. This will be a limited time event. During this, the players will be able to fight off zombies and Resident Evil 2bosses while at the same time looking out for the other players.

The PUBG Zombie mode update apk is available for PC and this is one of the latest versions. The PUBG Zombie mode includes a little gathering of well-trained and strong players that can go up against 97 different zombies. Here the zombies are not allowed to utilize customary weaponry, rather they will have quality numbers and this will solely depend upon their huge numbers to dominate the enemies.

In PUBG’s present state there is no option to modify the game. This means one cannot select a number of players by own or cannot alter the battlefield. This feature is now under consideration by PUBG Corp and is considering opening up to everybody later on.

Gamers who are fond of battles, shooting and making their way to the victory are certain to have a considerable measure of fun playing which is the PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Zombie Mode.

Although a few features in this game are repetitive, the area is large and there are a lot of various lethal weapons that can be chosen. This makes the game extremely energizing and addictive enjoyment.

Highlights of the Update

  • PubG Zombie mode is live now
  • The new weapon, costumes, bikes, cars etc in the zombie update
  • The size of the update is more than 450 MB
  • Its official name is ‘Survive Till Dawn’

Sometimes you need a break from the traditional PUBG gameplay experience and mix things a little. The Zombie themed custom matches have always been stapled, multiplayer shooters. You will be able to sink your teeth into the same anarchic fun with PUBG too.

The Zombie mode in PUBG sees a small group of humans that go up against 98other zombies. The Zombies will not be able to loot or use the traditional weaponry; rather they have got the strength in numbers and will rely on overwhelming their opponents in huge mobs.

In PUBG’s current state, there is no option for most players to create custom zombie matches. This is a feature that PUBG Corp is definitely thinking of opening up to everyone in the future and it is only a matter of time before this happens.

That concludes the guide. We will update more on various interesting topics! Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest developments!

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