PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide 2019

PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide 2019

PUBG – rings a bell?

If you haven’t heard that word lately, I believe you are still living under a rock! It’s the latest fad that has got most of the gaming community. This 2017 release has taken the gaming community by storm and the craze doesn’t just seem to pass. Today, I am going to divulge everything your heart desires to know about PUBG mobile secrets.

In 2018, PUBG was released for both iOS and Android platforms and this step turned out to be a mega success for the developers. The e-gaming community accepted this game with open arms and over 20 million active players were reported being active daily during September 2018.

Statistics report that PUBG was downloaded over 100 million times in August 2018, so you can quite clearly understand the impact it has made on the online and mobile gaming community. I, myself was one of those who made a switch from Rules of Survival to PUBG, and the decision was a wise one (so, I guess).

So, without much ado, let me tell you all about PUBG mobile and how to get that coveted “Chicken Dinner” almost every time.

PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to the PUBG mobile scene, you might think of it as a pretty simple game on the surface, but deep down it has much twists in the gameplay and needs you to be very aware of what’s going on. It literally takes a toll on your spontaneous reactive capabilities.

So, here’s a much wanted PUBG mobile beginners guide to help you through the first few weeks of your gameplay. These PUBG mobile tricks will be of use for both beginners and for those who are still mastering the PUBG gameplay.

In this section of PUBG mobile beginners guide, I will try to tackle as much details as possible. So, let’s start the map from beginners PUBG tips to a more advanced level of the game.

PUBG mobile tricks: How the map works?

At the onset, I want to clarify the fact that PUBG is not just another shooting game. You need to understand that the aim is to survive the play and not achieving maximum kills. As a matter of fact, I have won multiple times without even shooting a single player. Thus, the very first PUBG mobile hack is to adapt and strategize your gameplay.

In gamer lingo, one of the recommended PUBG mobile secrets to win is stealth. The gameplay revolves around 100 players trying to kill each other, and with the map shrinking, there is no point of exposing yourself at the very beginning of the gun-fight. Hiding out and collecting ammunition, meds etc. till midway of the game is one of the PUBG mobile hacks that makes much difference.

Here’s the overall gameplay –

  • You get on a plane with 99 other players and need to choose a place to land. The available maps need to be selected at the beginning of the game. Luckily, in this PUBG mobile beginners guide, I’ve also provided details about the maps for your reference [scroll down to learn more about them].

Anyway, the point here is that you need to avoid high-traffic areas such as towns and cities, and find yourself a sweet little spot to load up with weapons and equipment without the fear of getting shot. Trust me, this PUBG mobile hack works wonders if you want to end up for the final battle.

  • Once you’ve fully loaded yourself with guns and meds and all other equipment, it is time to ensure that you are within the safe spot (take note of that electrical field that keeps getting smaller and smaller). Stay within the white circle or you’ll die in vain. Keep close to the safe points, loot, and defend yourself all the way till the player count drops and only 10-15 players remain.
  • When the final showdown nears, most players throw out their PUBG mobile hacks out of the window. But, I do have some advanced PUBG mobile tips for winning that final fight to death.

This is just an overview, and obviously there is much more depth to the game. And, my PUBG mobile beginner tips will help you with that.

PUBG Mobile Beginners Tips: Rule the Battleground

As a beginner, PUBG can sometimes get a bit overwhelming for you. So, here’s a quick rundown of the PUBG mobile secrets, that will help you during your first few weeks of gameplay.

  1. Always put away your weapon when running. It helps you run faster. Holding a weapon while running slows you down and makes you prone to being shot.
  2. Running barefoot helps a lot as it makes lesser noise. You will be able to move noticeably quieter in most surfaces.
  3. Well, to refuel your vehicle, you need to bring it to a halt first. You can’t refuel a vehicle while in motion.
  4. Use map markers for easy understanding and guidance.
  5. When playing in a team, communicate with the team. You can opt for the in-game voice chat, but I prefer my chat to be set as party-only.
  6. Toggle your fire rate. Again, remember that stealth attack is the best possible option.
  7. When jumping from the plane, aim for smaller cluster of buildings as they would be less crowded.
  8. As soon as you land, try finding an Assault Rifle, a backpack, a helmet, a vest, and healing items (higher the level for these items, the better they are).
  9. In PUBG, all doors to houses are closed by default. If you see a door open, understand that someone might have already been there (or is there). Alternatively, if you enter a house and leave the door open, you are basically inviting players to come shoot you.
  10. You can lose health if you fall from two stories or higher. So, don’t keep jumping blindly.
  11. If you get hit from a distance, don’t just show up and open fire. That way, you are just a sitting duck. Instead, run zig zag until you find cover.
  12. When fighting multiple players, you can possibly ignore those that are down. They can’t get up until they are rescued.
  13. In cases, where the safe spot is far, I suggest using vehicles as they can cover ground very quickly. But, use them wisely as they make much noise and attract attention.
  14. Also, remember that vehicles will blow-up if you hit an object at high speed and they roll down hills as well. If you crash, get away from the vehicle ASAP.
  15. You can’t stay underwater for more than a certain duration. Keep a track of the health bar when in water.
  16. Not all scopes work with all guns [also read, PUBG mobile best guns]. So, pick up scopes wisely. For an example, an 8X scope doesn’t work with an M16 rifle.
  17. Not all helmets can save you from getting killed. A common sniper, Kar98 can kill you even if you are wearing a Level 2 helmet.
  18. Pistols are pretty useless (unless you don’t have the automatic P18C). Throw them off to make some space in your inventory.
  19. Try to avoid bridges unless there is no option left. Instead, opt for swimming across or take a boat. Running on the bridge makes it easy for opponents to shoot you!
  20. Keep crouching and wiggling constantly. With 99 other players alongside you, there is no possible explanation when someone quick scopes your brains out.
  21. Most of all, make yourself familiar with the key controls. Yes, it does take some time to get acquainted to, but once you are used to the controls, the gameplay gets easier.

PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide: The Maps

There are now 4 maps that you can choose from. I have listed all the maps in this section of PUBG mobile beginners guide.


Possibly, the worst map in PUBG. A lot of areas in this map are rarely played on. This map doesn’t appeal to most players and the design is way too large for early stage action.


It is one of the best looking maps that PUBG has to offer, but the gameplay kind of feels repetitive. It is by far the smallest map and regular players are well-versed with all the places to land and loot. This means, that as a newbie you either get killed right away or go midway through the game with just a frying pan *laughs*.

However, Sanhok is better than Miramar in terms of items and gameplay area, so you will definitely enjoy this map.


When PUBG was first released, Erangel map was a part of it. So, till date most of the players have got fully acquainted with it. The best part about this map is that all areas in this map are made good use of.

You get items, vehicles, ample hiding spaces, and almost everything that you can ask for. Erangel is considered as a classic map and has a good balance of gameplay and design.


This is the new snow map and per players this is the best in-game map thus far. All locations in this map have are uniquely creative. There is abundance of loot and the best feature is the way you can interact with the snow.

Addition of newer vehicles and innovative ways to hunt for enemies makes this the most played map in PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Best Weapons

Now, that I have covered most of the things related to PUBG mobile beginner’s tips, let’s talk about some of PUBG Mobile best weapons. As a matter of fact, PUBG has a lot of weapons to offer (depending on the map you select).

You might even say that aren’t all weapons able to kill enemies? Yes, they are, but there are bad weapons and good weapons as well. The point is some weapons do a better job than others. So, how did I come up with a list of the PUBG mobile best guns? Well, I took into account individual weapon’s power, speed, and firing range. Let’s walk you through the PUBG mobile best weapons that you should loot once you land.

Assault Rifles

One of my personal favourite is the assault rifle named Groza. You can get this gun mostly via air-drops and it undoubtedly packs the best balance of power, speed, and range. This assault rifle is capable of delivering major damage in medium-close ranges.

Another awesome gun that makes it to the list of PUBG mobile best guns is the M416. It is a must-have inventory for long range shooting. Some other great options are the AKM, Scar-L, and AUG A3. In case, you are looking for guns with a faster recoil rate, the Beryl M762 is a great choice.

Sniper Rifles

A total of four sniper rifles are featured in PUBG. The AWM tops the list of PUBG mobile best guns as it packs the most power and covers the longest range. AWM is able to knockout an enemy with a perfect headshot, even if they are wearing a Level 3 helmet.

The 2nd gun in the list of PUBG mobile best weapons is the M24. Though, it is slightly less powerful than the AWM, it still can deal a high level of damage. A headshot is able to knockout an enemy wearing Level 2 helmet. The other two sniper rifles are Kar98K and Win94. I suggest opting for Kar98K between these two as it is able to deliver more power with less recoil. Also, the Win94 can’t fit scopes.


The MK14 is the most preferred DMR in the list of PUBG mobile best guns as it has the ability to deal the highest single shot damage and covers the longest range. It can only be obtained via air drops.

Another DMR to make it to the list of PUBG mobile best weapons is the semi-automatic SLR, followed by the SKS. However, my personal favorite is the Mini14 as it offers fast speed and larger magazine capacity.


The SMG’s are great to have as they have decent firing speed and can deliver heavy damages. The UMP9 tops the list of PUBG mobile best guns, closely followed by the UZI. Another fan favorite is the Tommy Gun, but it takes longer to recoil.

If you want to go hard on the opponent but can wait for longer recoil times, Tommy Gun would surely fit your inventory. However, I would opt for the UMP9 as it allows to attach scopes.


Not a personal favorite of mine, but shotguns do come handy in close range combats (specially, in the last segments of the game). Almost all of the shotguns offer the same power and range.

You can choose from S686, S1897, and S12K. In certain scenarios, I prefer the S12K as it has the highest firing speed and can be equipped with scopes of up to 6X.


The LMG’s are my beloved guns! They fit the sweet spot between the speed of an SMG and the power of an Assault Rifle. Sadly, only two LMG’s are available in PUBG – M249 and DP-28.

The M249 is hands-down the best LMG as it offers great firing speed, capacity, and range. It also holds around 100 rounds making it a preferred choice to pin down enemies using cover fire. However, the only drawback with LMG’s is the longer recoil time.

Pistols, Side-arms, Melee Weapons etc.

If you are a pistol-person, I recommend opting for the R1895 and R45 if you need quicker recoil. For firing speed, you can settle for P18C or P92. And, if you need semi-automatic pistols, opt for P1911 as it can fit scopes, muzzles, and magazines.

For melee weapons, almost all deliver the same level of damage – be it a machete, a crowbar or a sickle! The pan is by far the best as it can deflect bullets.

The crossbow is another great weapon that I would like to include in the list of PUBG mobile best weapons as it is silent, lethal, and deals a heavy damage. However, don’t take it to a firefight! This is a great option for sneak attack.

PUBG Mobile: Best Graphics Settings

PUBG is a hit on both iOS and Android. When you first download PUBG mobile, you will see the following settings for your graphic quality. Depending on your device, you can tweak it to get the most out of the gameplay.

Frame Rate: Low, Medium, High

Graphics: Smooth, Balanced, HD, Ultra HD

The recommended PUBG mobile best graphic settings are Medium frame rate and Balanced graphics. From my experience in wasting my dad’s hard-earned money on games, I can tell you that the lower you set your graphic settings, the better your FPS gets. It helps you to easily spot enemies because of low textures. Now, that’s one of the PUBG mobile cheats that no one is going to tell you!

When you start playing PUBG as a beginner, you might as well want to try this PUBG mobile basic settings for beginners – set your distance view to ultra as it will help you spot enemies from afar. That helps you with easy sniping and will give you a competitive edge over your enemies.

PUBG Mobile Emulator

If you are a PC gamer, you can as well try out the PUBG mobile emulator developed by Tencent Games. Though it is still in the beta phase, it allows you to cross play between PC and mobile players. The controls and graphics are adapted to keyboard and mouse.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019

The recent news of the PUBG mobile India series 2019 with a prize money of Rs. 1 crore has taken the gaming community by storm. The registration process is currently closed. In-game qualifiers that consisted of 15 matches in Erangel map with your squads have ended and the results are to be announced soon.

From the qualifiers, top 2000 teams will compete in playoffs – happens between Feb 10th to Feb 24th. This will be followed by the Grand Finale where the top 20 teams sweat it out for the ‘costliest’ chicken dinner ever. This happens sometime in March, and the exact dates are yet to be decided.

You can keep checking the PUBG Mobile India official website to stay updated on upcoming PUBG mobile India series 2019.

Also, there are topics going on about certain schools and institutions urging to ban PUBG mobile in India. The recent topic about PUBG mobile India ban news is fluke. Some colleges have banned it on their LAN or Wi-Fi network, but you can play it as much as you want using your mobile data. Don’t fall for hoax and keep playing!

Keep Gaming, the Chicken Dinner Awaits you! Peace Out!

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