Free Paytm Cash Tricks & Cashback Offer Methods 2018

free paytm cashBefore knowing how to get free paytm cash online, you must know what made Paytm the giant of online transactions. Post demonetization the trend of using e-wallets or cashless transactions has inclined dramatically. As a result of which, multiple apps and e-wallets are luring customers with fancy terminologies and fancier cashback.

Paytm is one of the many e-wallets available at your finger touch; people of all walks are using it to settle their day to day transactions. Furthermore, right from its year of existence, this digital wallet is showering Paytm cashback in its users account in various forms. In the past 8 years, many apps have associated with it and letting user earn from simple tasks and redeeming the free Paytm cashback into their Paytm wallet. If used smartly and diligently, one can earn a sum of 500 to 1000 per day.

Free Paytm Cash & Cashback Offers

Pay Box

Pay Box is an innovative & exclusive gratification platform and above all, it works. Trust me all you have to do is follow these simple steps and minimum amount of Rs. 20 is in your pocket or should I say e-pocket. On reaching a total of Rs. 50 you can redeem it to your PAYTM account. Furthermore, this does not consume your lot of time. Follow the steps:

  • First, log In to Pay Box official website link,
  • Second, sign in using your Google or Facebook account
  • Third, verify your mobile number and an e-mail id
  • Post step 3 you will receive Rs 10-20 in your account

free paytm cash with paybox

Not only this, you can even earn money by answering polls, referring friends for which you get 5 Rs each, setting trends, other activities like 5 Ka Dum etc. Select the tasks from the menu and start earning. Later, once you reach a minimum of Rs 50 or more or Rs 30 for the first redemption, you can redeem the amount in your Paytm wallet.


Who does not enjoy a good comedy or gif which can make you laugh? Injoy is one such app among many where you can not only watch funny videos, gifs, clips, images, and other content but also can create, share and download the same. Moreover, it lets you earn free paytm cashback for your activities. For this purpose, all you have to do is:

  • First, download the app
  • Then, register yourself with the mobile number and sign in and voila you can get Rs 50 instantly, just for signing in


free paytm cash with injoy

A minimum amount of 200 is desired when you want to transfer the free cash back to your Paytm wallet. Also, the other activities let you earn and redeem a lesser amount to your account. With each account, a condition to complete that activity is mentioned. For instance, to redeem Rs 1 to your Paytm wallet you have to just open the app for continuous 3 days. It is that simple.


How many times in a day or several days you download, install an app? What if, you earn every time you repeat the task? Sounds fascinating right? Well, it is. Databuddy is an android based app which gives you cash for downloading, installing, signing in, registering to an app and there is a referral. Follow the given two steps:

  • First, download the app
  • Second, register with your mobile number and you get Rs 10 instantly

free paytm cash with databuddy

Even more, the app gives you direct tasks to earn free paytm cash like taking a poll or answering questions and you can earn even Rs 115 Paytm cashback. Hence, using the app smartly you can merely gain and lose nothing!

Bulb Smash

I am sure you enjoy a good game and what is more relaxing than spending your leisure time and earning! Bulb Smash is an online gaming portal which gives you money in case you win, and what you have to do? Well, you have to smash the bulbs virtually. Refer your friends and you get free paytm cash back in return.

  • First of all download the app
  • Second, sign in with your mobile number and start playing
  • You can refer your friends and earn Rs 5 per referral. Visit balance section of the app to check your hard earned money, after all, smashing takes strength!

free paytm cash with bulb smash

A minimum amount of Rs 60 is needed to be redeemed and once you have it you can transfer it directly to your Paytm wallet.

Shopping Post

Will you believe if I say you buy and the bill is on Paytm? Well, shopping post app lets you do the same. Follow the instructions:

  • First of all download the app
  • Then, sign in or register using your email ID and mobile number
  • At last, navigate to Rewards section, select a Paytm offer like as simple as uploading a picture of what you have shopped and earned an instant cash back of Rs25. Touch the image to unlock the reward and then verify your email Id

free paytm cash with shopping post

Click on the link received in your email and money will be transferred to your Paytm account. So, you can earn and shop and earn and shop.

Paytm Cashback Offers

Now apart from the websites and apps Paytm is giving cashback offers as well. These are valid for a specific duration so make sure you check the terms and conditions thoroughly.

  • 5 Pe 300 Flight Booking Offer – After you book your first flight you will receive a notification from Paytm to activate this free paytm cashback promcode. Post-activation you have to do four more flight bookings within 90 days and after that, you will receive a sum of Rs 300 within 24 hours of completing the offer. So pack your bags and off you go.
  • Rs 300 Mobile Recharge Offer – First of all, activate the offer; recharge 12 mobile numbers using Paytm minimum of Rs 100 and within 75 days to get Rs 300 free paytm cash credited to your Paytm wallet. Make sure your KYC is completed to get all the cash backs.
  • 4 Pe 200 Movie Offer – Book 4 or more movie tickets within 2 months, to avail Rs 200 as cashback. You can use this offer for a maximum of 5 times and paytm cash will be credited within 24 hours.
  • 4 Pe 400 Fee Payment Offer – Pay your fee via Paytm 4 times, within 240 days to get Rs400 as cashback.

Using the given free paytm cash tricks and paytm’s cashback offers you can easily earn somewhere between 100-1000 and even more. So pick up your phone and start following the procedures. Start referring and start earning. It is essential that you understand the terms and conditions correctly to gain full profit. Do not misuse any of the apps or indulge in fraud activities which might lead to blocking of your account your number from the portal. Use wisely-earn wisely.

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