Best Geysers under 5,000 in India

Modern geyser technology has made a great evolution lately. The oldest models used to have limitations regarding their ability to filter the intaking water as well as bringing it to the right temperature. These hurdles have finally come to an end with the use of variable electric resistance that has no chance to create a short circuit due to corrosion. Finding, the best geysers under 5,000 in India is a hard quest that should be addressed with care.

The so-called “serpentine” resistance is going in a spiral direction inside the water container and keeps being in close touch to the running water. Its external surface is adequately insulated so that there is no heat loss and as a result, the whole system becomes more and more energy-saving and consistent.

Furthermore, the limitations of copper anodes use inside the older geysers has been overpassed thanks to the aluminium tubes that are not easily oxidized. Since copper, has been proved to be harmful to your health as it leaves small particles into the running water, aluminium is a relatively innocent metal that can give you great water heating in less time.

Finally, modern geysers are capable to work both with electric energy as well as LPG. Since most of the households in India are connected to the gas network this is a necessity for most advertised geysers. 

Best Geysers under 5,000 sold now in India

V-Guard Sprinhot 3 Litre Water Heater

This is the geyser mostly sold in the Indian market. The V-Guard has a high-quality heating surface that offers quick results and can store the heated water for many hours. The water tank is large enough to keep hot water for any use and release it right at the time you wish to.

It can be mounted to any wall since it has a convenient size that could be easily placed virtually in any kitchen or bathroom no matter how spacey it may be. 

Finally, this series is one of the most energy saving since it has a clever thermostat getting the boiling water to the exact temperature that you are going to adjust it.


  • It has great shape and colour, fits all rooms.
  • There is a long-life heating element with proven longevity and endurance.
  • The product comes with a generous 5-year guarantee.
  • The smart thermostat gives you unbeatable energy saving.
  • It is a well-affordable solution for all households on a budget.


  • Sometimes there are problems with the indication lamps.
  • It doesn’t fit to all the plumbing networks easily, so you must check before buying.

Crompton Greaves Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

A very competitive bargain among the various geysers that you are going to find online. The Crompton company is well-known for its quality and can give you great security when functioning. It has a copper heating element to ensure proper water heating.

It is also equipped with LED indicators that give you the exact knowledge of the specific functioning. The rustproof technology called ABS is always there to keep your geyser free of residues that may harm your health if released in the water tank.

The 3-litres capacity is good enough for families with increased needs in hot water and the sleek design adds on to the aesthetic design of your own room.


  • There is a stainless-steel weldless tank offering great insulation.
  • It has anti-siphon protection preventing the backflow of water.
  • Great size that can fit all possible premises.
  • Easy to use with special LED indicators good for all ages.
  • The 6.5 bar pressure is safe for use even in higher apartment buildings.


  • There is no variety of colours to match any customer need.
  • The knob may not be suitable for every plumbing network.

Ganesh Polymers (Manufacturer) 1 L Portable Geyser

This is an ultra-low priced geyser for all people that don’t want to spend a fortune in their water heater. This special device is as simple as the initial idea of the heating. There is a great water container that can cover the needs of a small family combined with an electric resistance which can give you enough hot water for all your bathing or dishwashing needs.

It is made of quality stainless steel that covers all the water container. The inner side has a glass cover which is neutral and cannot react with the running water. These features are a natural guarantee that your geyser is going to stay with you for a long time being rust-free.

Finally, it has some universal adaptors for electric energy as well as for the plumbing system. This helps you to connect it virtually anywhere in India and most of the world as well.


  • It is small-sized and can fit virtually to any room.
  • It has a large water capacity of more than 1 litre.
  • Its level of energy consumption is among the lowest in the category.
  • Simple use with a single red and green-labelled indicator.
  • It is highly portable and can be easily mounted to any wall.


  • It is rather simple having no intelligent thermostats.
  • It is not fashionable enough to show it off to your friends.

Eveready Ozora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

This is one of the favourite geysers in India thanks to the ease of installation as well as its durability. Finally, the Eveready company has presented the Ozora series that accumulate all the experience the manufacturer has gained from the former models that are offered to the public.

It is perfectly shaped covered by quality plastic layers that can easily match each and every kitchen or bathroom. You can easily find it available online since the production is high enough to cover all the nation needs.

The geyser has a nominal power of 3000W that is more than enough to heat up the running water in a matter of seconds. The pressure of the boiler is the right one to keep you safe while functioning.

The power on and other indicator lights give you an essence of security and safety when using it. 

Finally, the anodes found in the inner tank are capable to prevent corrosion for prolonged use which the golden standard for geysers of this category.


  • Mediocre price in proportion to the benefits it offers you.
  • A generous 5-year guarantee applies to the boiler.
  • There is always a customer care hotline to answer all customer questions.
  • It has a great energy saving profile thanks to its digital thermostat.
  • It is great shape gives you the chance to place it on every possible wall.


  • There are connectivity issues with older plumbing networks.
  • The LED bulbs may fade off with time.

Indo Super Deluxe Storage Water Geyser with Steel Tank

There is nothing more important than having your Indo geyser readily available for delivery at home. This water heater can provide you with tons of hot water just by turning the tap on. It is reliable and well-built so that you feel secure it is going to serve you and your family for many years to come.

First, it is one of the traditional models that India has proudly presented to the public. Its use has been proved efficient for thousands of houses across India. Its 10-litre capacity is big enough to serve a whole family and the water can be easily heated in a matter of seconds.

The indications are pretty clear in the front panel and can give you exceptional information concerning the functioning of the geyser. 

There are multiple places where you can mount it and its cylindrical shape is also the best for home use.


  • There is an anti-vacuum system for optimal security.
  • Its shape makes it stylish for most of the households.
  • There is also an automatic thermostat for energy-saving reasons.
  • The thermal cutoff system is another safety barrier for daily use.
  • The built-in pressure release valve guaranteed the right functioning.


  • Problems with internal insulation may appear to some models.
  • There are no modern digital indications that may confuse some people.


As you have probably realized the most effective geysers under 5,000 sold in India are the ones that can be easily mounted and have the quickest response in warming up the water. Most of the houses in India prefer to consume electric power and thus the big part of the geysers is compatible with this fact.

Not to mention, that Indians are choosing more and more to place two or three different geysers depending on the number of kitchens and bathrooms in the house instead of purchasing a larger unit. That is why all these geysers below 5,000 are well-built solutions for every household in India.

You must make sure that you are choosing the geyser that better covers the need of your family in hot water as well as your style preoccupations. Most water heater companies are there to guide you through the buying process and offer generous guarantee periods so that you have a piece of mind when returning home.

Hot water is the trend of our times and you need to reassure you will always have it with the less cost for your family.

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