Best Geyser under 10,000 in India

5 Best Geysers In India Under 10,000 Rs

Geysers or otherwise water heaters are among the most useful and necessary home appliances that you may probably want to equip your household with. Long before hot water becomes a must for modern houses, people were trying to find multiple solutions to provide hot water into their own premises.

This is when the idea of warming the tap water provided by the water company in a special device that is connected to the plumbing network has come into reality. Since then the research for the best geyser under 10,000 rupees has totally overwhelmed the mind of constructors and other technicians who want to give people the best available solutions for their desired good: hot water.

What is a geyser?

Geysers or water heaters are usually cylindrical devices that allow water to come through their mass and heat it up. They are usually made of an iron cast that creates enough room for the water container. The container is usually made of glass so that it cannot corrode and release harmful toxic agents to the tap water.

On the inside part of the container, there is a solid electrical resistance which is accurately connected to the power network of the house and gets heated up to increase the temperature of the water to the desired levels.

Usually, the container has a special thermostat to close the circuit of the resistance when the water reaches a temperature close to 80 degrees Celsius which is usually enough for home use. In addition, special security valves are there so that they guarantee the right pressure of the water in the rare case that the thermostat is not working properly.

Different types of geysers

Geysers are usually divided according to their ability to warm the water using electrical energy or LPG. This main classification gives you the chance to select the most suitable geyser according to the place you live and the source of energy networks.

  1. The instant geysers are usually located close to the kitchen or bathroom and give hot water directly to the tap they attach to. They are small and they have no storage capacity, but they can instantly heat up the water for direct use. These geysers are usually best for hand washing or body showers since they require less space and can easily be removed.
  2. The storage geysers are the water heating devices that need lots of extra space since they mount to the wall. They are available in multiple sizes starting from as low as 35 liters and coming up to 160 liters for entire family use. You need to have some time to wait before

you use them (usually no more than 10 minutes) and they are perfect for dishwashing or bathing.

Another great class of geysers is the gas water heaters that use natural gas (LPG) coming directly to the boiling chamber and warming it up through a flaming device replacing the electric resistance of the usual geysers.

This type of geysers is roomy and needs to hook up to the central plumbing network of the house, providing heated water to all taps.

Top 5 Geysers In India Reviews

Longway HOTSTAR 35LTR 5 Star Storage Geyser Water Heater

This is one of the most modern types of water heater that you may ask for. It is perfectly shaped to place it in any kind of bathroom or kitchen. The Longway technology has a special anti-vacuum system so that it can give you rust free functioning for many years.

On the other hand, it needs less than a minute to warm up the water so that you can have hot water instantly.


  • There is a high-quality thermostat which can easily prevent overheating.
  • The elements are high-definition so that longevity is apparent.
  • The product comes with a 30-month guarantee on the tank or 12-month guarantee on the electrical components.
  • The AVS technology can offer you the best water heating in less time and with the least electrical energy consumption.
  • There is also a magnesium anode placed in the tank to increase the tank life as well as its resistance to corrosion.


  • It costs more than the average competitors on the market.
  • Its shape is not as dynamic as the other geysers that you can possibly find online.

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

This is the heater that most young couples are choosing to equip their kitchens. It is easily mounted to any type of wall no matter whether it has tiles or other construction products.

It has a very cozy shape to match any type of modern kitchens and give plenty of hot water for dishwashing or handwashing as well. Its indications are easily readable even from older people. That makes it easier for them to catch up with the new technology. Not to mention that it combines all state-of-the-art safety technology to prevent any accidents by over-pressurizing the heating water. Overall, it’s a great bargain.


  • There is a corrosion-free thermoplastic external body for extra safety.
  • The heating element is ultra-efficient to make sure longer life expectancy.
  • There is a special neon indicator for “power on” and “heating” function.
  • You may easily install it in high-rise buildings.


  • It has a small capacity of 3 liters that is less satisfying for a big family.
  • It can only work with electrical energy and sometimes it can get extremely costly especially when it must warm up extra cool water during winter.

AO Smith HSE-VAS-015-15-Litre Storage Water Heater

Another modern home heating appliance that could easily become part of your kitchen or bathroom as well. There is also the option to have it installed as the main water heater of your house since it can store a lot of water in its tank.

It has a water capacity that starts from 15 liters and can come up to 25 liters which is usually satisfying for a moderate family. It is easily installed in any place especially in rooms that there are not that roomy.

This device is very well energy-rated so that it can save you a lot of money when working constantly to warm up water for your daily use.


  • It has a blue diamond glass-lined tank for corrosion protection.
  • It can a central control knob that allows setting the temperature at your ease.
  • The safety valve can easily prevent any type of accidents.
  • The anode rod is there to prevent rust coming into the body mass of the heater.


  • It costs a lot more than the average water heater.
  • There is no digital sign of pressure and temperature that a modern device should normally have.

Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater

A highly innovative heating device which can offer you with tons of heated water instantly. Its shape gives you the chance to mount it almost to any wall in your kitchen or bathroom and its universal adaptors can adjust to any type of plumbing network.

The device can also work in different types of electric power systems (either 220 or 100-volt types) which makes it a really universal geyser. The water tank is enough for instant water warming without having to wait for longer periods of time to wash dishes.


  • The fast heating comes true using the high-power heating elements inside the water tank.
  • There is also a special cut-off system which ensures automatic temperature control and provides more safety to the user.
  • The plumbing system has a high-pressure resistance system that makes the heat suitable for any kind of high-rise buildings.
  • The device comes with a generous 2-year guarantee for the heating element and 5-year guarantee for the tank.


  •  Perhaps it is not suitable for shower and baths used by large families since its constant functioning may become extremely costly.
  • There is no numerical sign in the front panel that may confuse some people.

Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater

This is one of the most vastly sold geysers across India. Most of the people are getting this device to cover all family and small business needs for heated water since its installation is easy to do even by novices.

The energy consumption of the device is moderate and gives you the chance to lower the monthly bills when using it wisely.

Its water tank has enough capacity to serve all the needs of a family and can provide heated water in a matter of minutes. Its shape keeps on being innovative giving you the competitive edge among all your friends.


  • The device has a high-powered heating element for instant water heating.
  • There is also a single weld line on the inner tank to make sure that leaks are not going to occur.
  • The geyser is among the ones having an anti-corrosion ABS body with superior insulation to reduce heat loss.
  • The so-called Whirlflow technology can also give faster heating and efficient energy-saving during daily functioning.


  • Its appearance is less attractive than competitors.
  • Lack of digital indications makes it difficult to say the type of malfunction if any.


As you have probably realized the modern geysers are becoming more and more efficient to use and give you hot water instantly. Most of them are easily mounted to any type of wall and can also provide with accurate information while functioning.

Now, it’s up to you to find the right geyser for your own personal preferences and the one that offers you the most for your money spent on it. The quest to find the best geyser under 10,000 rupees in India is a never-ending journey that is exciting!


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