How to Get PRAN Number for APY


What is PRAN? PRAN refers to Permanent Retirement Account Number. It is a 12-digit unique number available to all netizens who have applied for and are contributing towards retirement savings under the National Pension Scheme. All those who have taken up this scheme, it is mandatory for them to behold a PRAN. Without this, you … Read moreHow to Get PRAN Number for APY

PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide 2019

pubg beginner guide tips

PUBG – rings a bell? If you haven’t heard that word lately, I believe you are still living under a rock! It’s the latest fad that has got most of the gaming community. This 2017 release has taken the gaming community by storm and the craze doesn’t just seem to pass. Today, I am going … Read morePUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide 2019

Zomato Refund Trick 2019

Howdy Foodies! We’re here with another article related to online food ordering apps. Yes! after helping out so many people get the refund from Swiggy. In this article, we will explain you about how to get the refund from Zomato. I’ve seen people searching with different search terms like Zomato refund trick, Zomato hack etc., … Read moreZomato Refund Trick 2019

Swiggy Refund Trick 2019

Who wants to eat tasteless food? If you’re in a restaurant it’s pretty easy to ask the management to either change the dish or to cancel that particular item immediately. But, when it comes to online food orders who’ll give us an immediate response? If you’re a Swiggy Fan, Thank them for giving you this … Read moreSwiggy Refund Trick 2019

Swiggy Amazon Pay Offer – Guide To Get Discount

Is it a holiday or a Weekend? Forget it. I am hungry. Are you?? Then let us order food Online. But wait, isn’t it good to check some offers before we order. Let us explore Swiggy Amazon Pay offer. Swiggy has already dominated the online food delivery place and making us crave for its exciting … Read moreSwiggy Amazon Pay Offer – Guide To Get Discount

The Panel Station Review – Do They Pay or It’s A Scam

Before going through The Panel Station Review, tell me who doesn’t want to Make money online? Making money online is the fad these days. The Internet is filled with numerous websites and apps to make money online. But, the real question remains the same – how many of these are legitimate? And, if these are … Read moreThe Panel Station Review – Do They Pay or It’s A Scam

Free Paytm Cash Tricks & Cashback Offer Methods 2018

Before knowing how to get free paytm cash online, you must know what made Paytm the giant of online transactions. Post demonetization the trend of using e-wallets or cashless transactions has inclined dramatically. As a result of which, multiple apps and e-wallets are luring customers with fancy terminologies and fancier cashback. Paytm is one of the … Read moreFree Paytm Cash Tricks & Cashback Offer Methods 2018